Stock Sale Terms

ALL of the provisions found in the checklist for an asset purchase contract should be put into a contract for the sale of stock. In addition, to those terms, the following terms should also be included:

1. description of the number and class of stock shares that will be transferred.

2. the ownership percentage and total voting percentages represented by the shares described by number one of this list.

Business Insurance Timeline

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Business Insurance

Common Types of Insurance


In these pages, we provide some basic information on how to deal with employees. This could easily be included in the Legal Section, since much of the material is legal in nature, but we put it here because employees are primarily a business concern.

Before we begin the discusssion, here are a list of some forms that you should remember to fill out for each employee that you hire:

  • Form I-9 (Immigration) within three days of hiring an employee
  • W-4 (IRS)
  • State forms
  • local

Employer Checklist

In order to help you navigate through laws covering employees and employment, we whipped up a some checklists of things to remember when you are hiring employees, dealing with employees or investigating and firing employees for misconduct.

Extending Credit

Given that this nation was founded on debt, and that debt has recently become a national way of life, it is no surprise that extending credit to customers is a fact of small business life. It thus becomes very important to decide who will get credit from your business and who will not. This page focuses on how to approach the problem of extending credit to other businesses. There are some additional pages concerning the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (a law which your business will probably have to comply with)

Credit Abbreviations

Credit Abbreviations

Debt Collection

Problems with debt collection can often be traced to some of the following problems:

  1. poor oversight of office personnel in charge of debt collection.
  2. insufficient information about debtors, which makes it difficult to find the debtor later.
  3. insufficient procedures for pursing debtors who are tardy in making payments (frequent and regular contact is crucial).
  4. insufficient knowledge about what the law allows creditors to do in pursuing deadbeat debtors.

Site Search Strategies

f you have spent much time using search engines on the Internet, you have probably experienced search results totaling thousands, maybe tens or even hundreds of thousands of results. You may have heard that the Internet is said to be the world's largest library, but when your results total thousands and thousands of results, you know you're not at the library!

And perhaps you've thought there must be a better way to look for information. Well, the good news is there is a better way, at least some of the time.

Business Plan

The 11 things that matter in a Business Plan:

What problem exists that your business is trying to solve. Where is the pain?

What does it cost to solve that problem now? How deep and compelling is the pain?

What solutions does your business have that solve this problem?

What will the customer pay you to solve this problem?

How solving this problem will make the company a lot of money.

What alliances can you leverage with other companies to help your company?